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Wheelchair and Popular Boy

Wheelchair and Popular Boy

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Emma GH By Queen_OfWords16 Updated Feb 08

"I promise you..... I won't stop until I'm sure that you're okay, until I'm sure that you're aware that I'll only ever have eyes for you."
      Jasmine was once a splendid dancer and figure-skater known for portraying emotions to a tremendous level. Her personality changed when she was on stage, she went from being shy and quiet to being energetic and majestic. She was from a decent household she wasn't super rich nor was she and her best friends Gianna and Violet  part of the populars at school. But, she was happy with her life and she had some of her closest friends, her family, and dance and skating to thank for that. That was until her entire life was turned upside down. Dancing and skating are no longer a part of her life. After being confined to a wheelchair, she just doesn't see the point of having any dreams or trying to get her old life back.  
      Ashton on the other hand was a mystery. Yup you guessed it, He is the son of a multi-billionaire business man. All the girls in school want him and all the boys want to be part of his 'crew'. Which is the part of his school life that he hates the most. He's the school's star basketball player. He's handsome and intelligent. The biggest surprise, is that he doesn't eat up all the attention that's thrown his way. He sticks to his true friends Nixon and Miles.
      You would never expect their paths to cross, would you? But, no one could have expected the adventure that awaited them when Ashton, Miles, Nixon, Violet and Gianna  are asked to help Jasmine out.
      What happens when Ashton and Jasmine are brought together? Will Ashton learn to love? Will Jasmine step back onto a dance floor  or glide gracefully on the ice ever again?
      Read to find out!

type-keys type-keys May 08, 2016
I am in love with her friends and how casual her conversation was. I find it difficult to write speech without sounding cringed but yours made me feel like I was one of the friends too. There are a few spelling and grammar errors but the story is great
Constantly_writing Constantly_writing Apr 21, 2016
This is the first story I found on Wattpad, through a friend. I love this book, keep writing :)
AnaG05 AnaG05 May 07, 2016
                              Woah!! Awesome start. I loved the friendship between Jaz, Gia and Violet. Jaz's confusion is shown nicely. Even I keep thinking how  crash happened. Lovely start. 👍
SoIhaveAshippingProb SoIhaveAshippingProb May 25, 2016
This is so grabbing and I am in love and I need to read more and wow
xXbookworm56Xx xXbookworm56Xx Mar 25, 2016
Im hungry now -_-.........thanks now i have a reason to finish the oreos :D
SophonieF SophonieF May 06, 2016
I like how this first chapter started, it flowed easily and keeps me wondering how the car accident even happened in the first place! I can't say much since it was the first chapter but it was really interesting 😄 there was only a few punctuational errors but that can be fixed easily. good job!