Mr & Mrs Wrong

Mr & Mrs Wrong

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We continued bumping and swerving our way along the potholed drive.
 "How long has Penny had this place?" I asked, mid air.

"Six months."

 My handbag hopped off my lap. "You'd think she'd fix the bloody potholes wouldn't you? How old is the castle?"

"I don't know, do I look like an archaeologist!"

(I would love to tell you he had been dropped on his head as an infant, but no.) 
    Warning; Contains Jelly fish and some swear words , well you'd swear, if you were married to a mental case.

Bhashini Bhashini Jul 31
Oh! What a tragic and destructive relationship! Very wittily written, I enjoyed it a lot. She really needs to keep away from him... but I'm sure she's not going to ;)
Wow! Starting to think these two are meant for each other: each pathetic in their own right, but somehow in a twisted sort of ying and yang way.
henry_scott henry_scott Jul 20
'There he sat on the porch'.  I try to remove every 'was' that I can.
willjams willjams Sep 21
Your knowledge of the behaviour of alcoholics is impressive, hope it's not first hand
Er... not sure how this makes sense. Ground glass would pretty much be the texture of sand, right? If it were ground so fine you wouldn't notice grittiness in mashed potatoes, then I don't think the particles would be big enough to actually hurt you.
BDazzling1 BDazzling1 Sep 10
Interesting. Made me laugh out loud at some passages. How did you get the idea for this plot. Looks like am interesting journey. Can see mom "hayes" Rasputin. Who names a kid that!