Wild People  [Unedited]

Wild People [Unedited]

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Rose Amberlight was happy before her parents decided to marry her to some rich man. They didn't care if she wanted this or not.
On her wedding day, just before the church's door and everyone, she runs away and gets on the first boat and leaves New York for good.
Now in new place - the island called Lyonesse, Rose tries to settle down but it's hard when you constantly hear only one thing from your neighbours:

"Don't cross the river right before the mountain, because they will take you with them and you will never leave that place."

In this story there will be a lot of cursing and mature continent. Please don't read if you are not comfortable with it!

Cover by orange-3211

  • bloodlust
  • danger
  • forcedmarriage
  • gore
  • insanity
  • traditions
  • tribes
  • werewolf
YaWeirdBae YaWeirdBae Feb 03
Think younger honey you got little ole thots and hoes doing it at the age of 10 and up maybe even 7
SupersuMC SupersuMC Feb 02
I wonder... What if her dad is still alive somewhere?.. :) (Not a #rr, just speculation)
Azusasama Azusasama Feb 01
This main character is a bîtch. If she had such a problem with her parents having sęx then why is she living there?? Is it to ruin her moms sęx life? Or is it just to spite her? This dumb cūnt needs to get her own place and to stop being a fūcking leech.
rwrites07 rwrites07 Jan 26
That has made me like you even more.
                              I LOVE ANNOYING PEOPLE!!!
zalahumanaz zalahumanaz Oct 05, 2017
Im a newly turned 17 and i only learnt the correct spelling of college a few days ago just bcz a friend pointed it out🙃🙃🙃
Henrietta64 Henrietta64 Aug 24, 2017
The spelling of college did not annoy me ,it made me laugh, interest  peek so far