Robotic love

Robotic love

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Victoria Spear By Vspear Completed

( Transformers Fanfiction )


My name is Victoria.

My life has always been not normal.

I've always had dreams about alien robots that lost their planet ever since I was seven.

 My parents and friends told me that it's all in my head and it's normal to have that imagination. 

 But one day everything changes.

 I find out that I'm not normal and I'll never be and I was meant to be this way.

A black and yellow car started to follow me around. It would be at my school everyday after. I would star at it fell like we have a connection. 

"I know you from somewhere. I can feel it." I said to the car from a far away distance.

And I'm gonna have to save the planet
 that I love and protect my friend's and family frome the war ahead. 

It might cost me my life but it's worth it. After all I did fall in love with an alien robot.

Are you ready to join us. 

It's going to be one heck of a ride. 

( I do not own Transformers, only my Oc's)

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RavenTheStarGazer RavenTheStarGazer Nov 12, 2017
I have a cousin and neighbor named Brianna and I used to have a friend named Brianna but she moved.
fantics_1357 fantics_1357 Dec 31, 2017
It’s probably not just that one time for as far as I know honey bunny
L724345 L724345 Mar 04
Oh you have a crush on Bumblebee and you creat a story about how you love it. Will that's a great idea you ask me 😊 p.s my name is Lillian.G nice to meet you
Mcg333 Mcg333 Sep 21, 2017
                              Bee: .....
                              Me:"you better be quite...."
Kayrae2018 Kayrae2018 Nov 06, 2016
Awwe this is just too adorable. IMA end up reading this over and over again!!!!