The 6th Soul | Sans x Reader

The 6th Soul | Sans x Reader

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"Do you think even the worst person can change, that everyone can be a good person, only if they just try?"

If you want to read a good book, go on my account and read chat logs. This one is shitty 
Justice. That's the trait of you, (Y/N). 
The 6th soul fell into the underground. She wasn't alone though, she had a husky, as white as snow to accompany her on her journey.  
Struggling to find the right path, she makes friends with a whole lot of monsters.

This is the story about the 6th soul.


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Cool, but I feel like that's Sebastian Michaelis' thing with the all black-ness and stuff, lol XD
What If you want it like mint green or something?
                              Imma Chang it to that if that's ok
Ok Floweh
                              * le died *
                              I am now ded
                              * ded *
                              Rest in spaghetti never forgetti 
                              But plz dont be upsetti
That’s what everyone in real life says also. Thanks Goat mom.
aapwalker06 aapwalker06 Nov 28
I actually drew sans when you kill him soooooo um... Thanks GM
SHE NOES! (And that Flower pun doesn't work since he's a Buttercup BUD)