Daddy's Little Kitten »L.H. Punk au«

Daddy's Little Kitten »L.H. Punk au«

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Skyla Meadows, the girl who always walks around with cat ears on. She's used to sideways glances and doesn't ever care what people say about her. So what if she wears cat ears? She's not "immature" or "looking for attention". She's a sweet girl who has a thing for bdsm.

Luke Hemmings, the punked out don't fuck with me guy. Never one people will rub the wrong way and changes out girls every few days. He smokes and does what he wants, singing in a band to pass most of his free time. No girl has really ever peaked his interest, so why does this dog lover have a thing for the girl in cat ears? He admires her bravery and lack of care, something that he himself can understand.

But how can a boy with a bad rep go from player to owner? What will he do when he's feelings grow passed just being her Daddy?

Petia_333 Petia_333 Dec 06, 2016
it's the first time that I actually like the cast, thank you o.o /like the people I mean xD photos and such xD/ o.o I'll just start to read and see if I like the story o.o but for now - I approve /and this is a lot comming from me xDDD /