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Death List - Larry Stylinson

Death List - Larry Stylinson

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Lucy. By LHNameless Completed

Revenge is never a sweet word, everything about "Sweet Revenge" is bitter. It all comes down to a sentence in a court room, an information said to soon, the words "I have the names of the real criminals." spoken out in the face of a masked judge.
Yes, Revenge is a bitter word. It feels like salt on cuts. It's the salt that a bullet leaks when it pierces through a man's beating heart.
Some would say that Revenge is a criminal's contract with the Devil..
Part II of the "Book of Murders" series. Part I (Escapade) is available on my profile. Please read Escapade before starting this book.
Larry Stylinson AU where Louis and Harry leave their criminal lives behind and choose to keep their family safe from the dark world around them. At least, it's the book where they tried, but not even the former King of Crime knew what was lurking just around the corner.
"There's a shadow following me everywhere I walk. There's one of me but two of those dark patterns on the ground. Someone wants me, Louis. Someone has me at the top of their Death List.."

i_love_bob_ i_love_bob_ Nov 06, 2016
I found it creepy in the beginning, but then it got intense and I like it
Ginger_Snap94 Ginger_Snap94 Dec 14, 2016
The trailer is amazing but now I'm worried to read it 😰... I'm gonna of course
Crxzy_Stylinsxn_ Crxzy_Stylinsxn_ Oct 16, 2016
I'm in the orthodontist's office waiting for my name and my heart is beating so fast
JaelynLeggett JaelynLeggett Dec 01, 2016
*taps speaker* THE ONE..... THE ONLY.... LOUIS TOMLINSONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN *louis hops on Harry's dick*
JaelynLeggett JaelynLeggett Dec 01, 2016
Why are you leaving? *sobs* *gasps* DONT LEAVE ME!!!! *quotes AHS* YOURE ALL I WANT YOURE ALL I HAVE!!!!!!! *sobs harder*
Always in my heart, Louis Styles, your sincerely, Harry Styles.