Masked [h.s]

Masked [h.s]

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h. ♡ By peahchels Updated Jul 03, 2016

He was lost in a world of violence.
Trying to find his own source of happiness.
Trying to gain back the love ripped from him.

I tried to give him the love I thought he deserved.
I let him in, falling too deep to climb back out. 
And I guess it's my fault for thinking he cared.

He told me everything I wanted to hear.
But who would ever guess it was for someone else.
He told me it was nothing, nothing at all.

But his eyes always held the emotion his face lacked.

cover by @seasidestyles

AdventureHood AdventureHood Dec 13, 2016
This just reminded me of this girl that use to go to my school and she told everyone that she was dating Harry styles. this one time she told me that harry took her on a date to London but after their dinner someone was going to shoot her so Harry jumped in front of her to protect her.
onceuponaboca onceuponaboca Sep 11, 2016
I looked in my rear view mirror and it seemed to make a lot more sense 💭
fetchinglanterns fetchinglanterns Jul 03, 2016
yoooooo is he the enemy covering as the good guy working for her dad
pantxstic pantxstic Oct 09, 2016
But isn't harry in there too? How is he supposed to be part of one direction while trying shoot up people.
AdventureHood AdventureHood Dec 13, 2016
So did the dad hire Harry as a sort of body guard for his daughter. ( just predicting before I read on)
larrys_rainbow larrys_rainbow Nov 28, 2016
should be doing ap world history homework and writing an english essay and doing work for NHS but here i am : )))