Everything Has Changed (Harry Styles Fanfiction) Book 2 of 2

Everything Has Changed (Harry Styles Fanfiction) Book 2 of 2

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Miah <3 By JellyBeanNiallxx Completed

It's been 12 years since Selena took the twins with her and left Harry. He changed, and Selena wasn't gonna take it. She didn't want her precious, little kids to be around him. Especially not after he hit her, right in front of the twins. 

The twins are now 14 years old, but what happens when their father returns? 


    shutyobitchassup shutyobitchassup Aug 03, 2016
    why does that always come up when twins fight? like "Im the oldest" "yeah by 1.6 seconds" :') liKE UR TWINS WHO CARES SBSJSBS sorry im annoyed
    stylesssfreak stylesssfreak Nov 25, 2016
    I would have said no, it's a private thing between Harry, Selena and the twins
    Keynan_Hemopo Keynan_Hemopo Aug 28, 2016
    I laugh if that was her cousin and Louis was the actual Louis tomlinson
    sadgiurl_ sadgiurl_ Feb 13, 2016
    Kill me now please..... GIRLFRIEND REALLY HARRY God!!! Love ya!!!
    Mhauge Mhauge Dec 31, 2016
    Oh I just love the book! That they broke up was the best thing that ever happened!
    Keynan_Hemopo Keynan_Hemopo Aug 28, 2016
    So he didn't even bother to change or fight for her !! He just stayed away for 12 years and now he wants to be apart of their lives all of a sudden  and he has a new gf !! Pffft I already don't like him