S C R E A M- Bipper Fanficas [ON HOLD]

S C R E A M- Bipper Fanficas [ON HOLD]

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PistolWolfInsane By PistolWolfInsane Updated Jun 25, 2016

!!!Disclaimer!!! I do not own the characters of Gravity Falls or Gravity Falls. Gravity falls belongs rightfully to Alex Hirsch. Also, I do not own any of the art, if you are the artist of this art and want it removed feel free to contact me! Thank you!
  What happens when Mabel grabs her own bag and not Dipper's when she gets sad. What happens when they successfully seal the crack in the rift and Dipper becomes Grunkle Ford's apprentice and stays with him all year round? Find out in this new Fanfiction of Gravity Falls! What if Mabel grabbed her bag? Find out by reading! Where the weird is the norm in Gravity Falls. Bill is still out there making a new plan, one that's unpredictable! He is capable of doing anything to get into Dipper's mind, because within Dipper, as her nears his fifteenth birthday a new power will be unlocked within him.

*WARNING* Harsh language is involved in this story. Along with some gory scenes. But nothing much other then that! You have been warned

"Remember! Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!"
*shoves Bill back into story* HAPPY READINGS ;D

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4122769t 4122769t Feb 27, 2016
welp if you look to the left you see a bill cypher cussing  now if you all add this to your au list and head to the next page ...
KittyKookiez KittyKookiez Feb 16, 2016
Lmao yeah, your story is TOTES the best thing in the world! -Fake sarcasm here ;3
SnarkyYaoiLover SnarkyYaoiLover Jun 28, 2016
Dipper, three sided is basically the definition of a triangle.
                              You did a redundancy. Put a coin on the redundancy box. -3-
FairyTale10101 FairyTale10101 Oct 19, 2016
... IRL Is it bad that I laugh at my own jokes in my head because no one else will laugh... my jokes are normally triangle jokes...
thelmasbar thelmasbar May 06, 2016
CocaMoka CocaMoka Mar 03, 2016
Me: awww bill! Bill: SHUT IT MOKA!!!!!! Me: but its so cute* floats of the ground and spins*