One of the Bullied

One of the Bullied

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Get your head out of a book and into life. Yeah, I'm telling you! You, who's reading this right now. Stop reading before it's too late.
  Zoe Meyer  - the "Zerd" -  is barely surviving high school. Since day she arrived, everyone has  inexplicably bullied her. Talking to her is ruining your reputation. Being sympathetic to her is the end of your social life. Even just glancing at her can make you look pathetic. 
  In other words: If you want your reputation intact, you beat up the Zerd. 
  Upon the arrival of an exchange student, Zoe begins to receive mysterious notes from someone. Someone who really wants to keep themselves hidden. Someone who shouldn't be writing to Zoe.


Then I hit something. Not something. Someone. As I look down, taking a step back, my eyes pick up something shining on the floor. I shove my glasses up my nose, the thing coming into focus as a phone. A conversation with Zoe. Some texts I recognise. Oh shit.

The second thing I do is look up, looking to see who let out the groan as we ran into each other, and ready to run away top speed if I have to. Looking to finally find out who Rita is.

It it not what I was expecting. It is under no circumstances what I expected.

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tinista_mivida_4ever tinista_mivida_4ever Dec 02, 2016
Unfortunately i feel that's its true even though i am not bullied or anything but i am somehow afraid of people, seeing me, looking at me, afraid of what they think of me! Even though i would go out of my house all confidently until i am in a place full of people I would just keep my head low
tinista_mivida_4ever tinista_mivida_4ever Dec 02, 2016
WONKA SWEET😭💔 omg the movie! My childhood movie😭💔
turducens turducens Oct 12, 2016
In class I'm either on wattpad or snapchat even though the  service is bad
BestieBosya BestieBosya 2 days ago
                              *hugshugshugs* CONFRATSSSSSSSSS
FriendlyDragon478 FriendlyDragon478 Nov 21, 2016
but...but books r awesome!!! and Zerd actually sounds pretty cool to me. I'd be friends with 'Zerd'
tinista_mivida_4ever tinista_mivida_4ever Dec 02, 2016
Her name starts with a Z and they want to call her "nerd" coming the "z" with the rest of the word "Zerd" right?