Criminal Mentality : L x Reader x Light (Death Note)

Criminal Mentality : L x Reader x Light (Death Note)

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There was hope before, just a tiny flicker in the darkness. A star shining brightly despite the horror, the pain, the cruelty. With my little wide eyes, I tried reaching out my hands. I wanted to reach the light.

Unfortunately, the small glimmering light disappeared, leaving me alone in the cold and dark dungeon. No where to go and no one to run to, I was terrified. 

Then there was bright light, my face was filled with hope, my mood lit up. But then there they are, the people in white lab coats, the people who tortured me.

"P-please! No more! I can't take it anymore!" I pleaded desperately. Hah, the younger me was too clueless, they show no mercy, pleading won't ever help. 

They said nothing, dragging me with them for another round of torture.

Here I am today, standing in my black and (f/c) themed apartment, staring at my phone. I was to join L and his task force to catch a mass murderer named Kira. After these years of manipulating and watching humans, I'm now involved at the action myself.

A smirk made its way to my face, my eyes lit up with interest. 
"Looks like I'm now involved at the game myself! Who will win? L? or Kira?"

~ I do not own Death Note or any of its characters. I also do not own you. I do not own these words, nor these letters. I only own the plot. Yep, I said it. ~

                              I have a serious message to tell you.
                              Don't you dare abandon this story or...
                              *coughs* *Lind L Tailor's Voice*
                              I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN! I WILL FIND YOU!
                              *L's voice*
                              It won't be long until I sentence you... to death.
                              XD XD XD
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                              Edward Elric: IM NOT SHORT!!