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Cale Gregory had mesmerising dark blue eyes, that swallowed depths of seas and oceans and drowned girls who were stupid enough to look at them longer than necessary.
                      Quince Graham might have done just that.


    -full description inside-

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FullyFaith FullyFaith Jun 21, 2016
A character like Quince's isn't someone i would be fond of in real life.
                              The whole Badass, mysterious, yet elegent personality Quince has going on, in my personal view seems fake.
nkorenica nkorenica Aug 11, 2016
I am soooo excited for this story and I loved the chapter actually
ArabellaFaizan ArabellaFaizan Nov 29, 2016
First -THE PUNS😂😂
                              second -that was a beautiful description, I'm intrigued
iShevronJr iShevronJr Dec 21, 2016
@AngelicLayers xD 🦄 ..when you sleigh you get a unicorn emoji..did you get the pun??☃️❄️
-monarchist -monarchist Oct 24, 2016
Already this book stands out; Quince's personality isn't cliché at all and everything about her and how she treats other's is refreshing since Wattpad is so full of the same old.
avengette avengette Dec 23, 2016
love the writing style and quince's presence. badass heroines just get to me