Reaching You is Worth it [COMPLETED]

Reaching You is Worth it [COMPLETED]

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Cryzlhn Saphire Cumberland is head over heeled with Stanford Josh Parton. She had been rejected by him many times already but despite of that, she never gives up. She did everything to make him fall for her.

On the other side, Lordwayne Livingstone, Stanford's friend,  has a secret love for her but she doesn't know. She never noticed him because her full attention is on Stanford. 

What if Lordwayne decided to tell her what he felt towards her? Would she get swayed by him or... she'll just reject him? 

How about Stanford? Will he get jealous or he will let just let it slide because he doesn't care?

She's reaching him... He's reaching her... 

Until one day... them both are already reaching her.

Who among the three of them can say that their reaching to someone will be worth it? 


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Stoutheart Stoutheart May 21, 2016
Umpisa palang. Dami na maattract nito dahil Sa mga hugot lines.
quindecimsQueen quindecimsQueen Aug 21, 2016
Hyouka! Yun talagang cover una kong napansin. Waaaah Chitanda Era men 😂👌
bLueLovEr2375 bLueLovEr2375 Apr 29, 2016
Masakit UMASA! lalo na sa mga taong ang alam gawin sa buhay ay mag-PAASA!
relate ako.....huhuhuhu pero hindi nga lang 'mahal' , 'crush' lang ehhhh ahahahajaja :-)
HangedStarXVII HangedStarXVII May 15, 2016
Awww.... This cute....
                              But, I really can't relate to this.
Aprilim1994 Aprilim1994 May 07, 2016
Srap naman basahin ang story na ito.
                              Ang daming hugot at nakakarelate ako huhu