Unwanted // Jungkook Fan Fic 18+ [SLOW UPDATES]

Unwanted // Jungkook Fan Fic 18+ [SLOW UPDATES]

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Jen Kookie By -jenkookie Updated Nov 08

What does it feel like being pregnant at the age of nineteen?

What does it feel like the father of the child inside your womb is your ex boyfriend?

My ex boyfriend that I love and to die for before, but now my feelings for him vanished

My ex boyfriend that my parents doesn't like and disapprove him

I broke up with him because we aren't meant to be, I want to find a perfect man for me

But I can't believe I got pregnant by him, I don't want this.

Started: March 22, 2016

You must be the stupidost girl ever for dumped a guy like JEON JUNGKOOK girl 😒
Well the two of them are horny....thAt would be my relationship if I had one
hanbyul692 hanbyul692 Jul 20
Wahhh authornim!! Do you know that Seoyeon is my dream name for my future daughter to SEO EUNKWANG of BtoB! Haha just saying lels ^_^
nur757606 nur757606 Mar 23
Ummm can you insert one character in this fanfic or do you just do oneshot??
Well how .....no words......this is the example of girls these days
nur757606 nur757606 Mar 22
Author....you're backkk.....l miss you!! Hehe silly me!btw l hope your vacation is okay!! Owhh can you do some favor to me???