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Sxnja.Bxtha By sanjaJRC Updated Jun 28

Ebony Johnson was plucked out of her boring life to run away with her best friend to Italy, a place Ebony only heard about, it excited her.
  But running into bad people shouldn't be exciting right?
  Encounter with the wrong people leads Ebony to rethink everything she's ever learned about life. Especially about the people you trust.
  Ruthless, cruel, heartless. 
  Domenico Caito, the most feared Mafia leader in Italy. Ebony captures his attention but will his life choices and ego get in the way? Why is he so hell bound on taking her for his keeping ? 
  "W-why?"  Her voice was shaky and just above a whisper. 
  I gently brushed my finger pads against her tear stained cheeks.
  "il mio piccolo uccello, simple. I asked God for a bike, but I know He doesn't work like that. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness."

1COLDEST1 1COLDEST1 Aug 30, 2016
My 'dad' said I was a disgrace to the family so I said "still your the one who gets kicked out for cheating" kmt
Anaa6x Anaa6x Jul 25, 2016
the girl in the media is a super famous woman from romania, bianca dragusanu but like honestly everyone in the country hates her cause she is super dumb ... but yeah and not that pretty
Um just so everyone knows this is a picture she took with no makeup on while she was on vacation so pls stfu 😄
FiftyShades_Of_Melon FiftyShades_Of_Melon Sep 25, 2016
I hate when girls do their make up like that. The lips are cringy. ((Sorry if I offended anyone.))
Your_Average_Unicorn Your_Average_Unicorn Jul 05, 2016
in every book thts the SMARTEST persons GPA. HAS NOBODY GOTTA 4.1??!?!?
Lol this is what my mum said she'd do if I didn't pick Bio and Chem for A level