Excuse Me Mr.Hot Billionaire........CAN YOU GO AWAY!!

Excuse Me Mr.Hot Billionaire........CAN YOU GO AWAY!!

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Candy Lover By YouStoleMyCandy Updated Apr 11, 2013

Emma Jones is a ordinary hormonal 17 year old high school girl! But a train ride changed her life in the most worst way possible for her!
Practically "kidnapped" from her school and her so called "friends" just wave and smile!
Oh and she is forced to marry him!

Can her life get any worse or does she start falling in love with her soon to be husband?!

Excuse me Mr.Hot Billionaire........CAN YOU GO AWAY!!

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abigail1148 abigail1148 May 26, 2016
I'm sorry but how old is she? Her school has a playground and she wears Dora undies?
FabChild FabChild Jun 13, 2016
Aren't they in high school? I would love to have recess during class
kannellerose kannellerose Dec 27, 2016
No one finishes at that age it illegal make it more realistic🙁😒😒😒😑
-Lilacrose- -Lilacrose- Jul 14, 2016
G-eazy: *pops out* take her shopping you know- 
                              Me: Gerald Shut up im reading 
                              G-eazy: Rossi im in the middle of something 
                              Me: What are you even doing? are you eating a hot pocket while recording?
                              G-eazy: Dont judge me rossi
kpgcatlover kpgcatlover Dec 04, 2012
xD At least it has a comfy bed!
                              I love the ending of this chapter! xD
EmmaLoweBooks EmmaLoweBooks Oct 11, 2011
Off to a good start. By the way, I love the name Emma. :P It's awesome.
                              Keep writing! <3