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 I was sitting cross-legged, surveying the LA in its finest glory. Dawn was approaching, and it tinted the sky gorgeous shades of red, orange and yellow, setting fire to the city landscape. Its beauty was undeniable, and -

My Blackberry's ring tone completely interrupted my mental monologue that will totally win an Oscar one day. I have faith.

"Hello?" I asked, in my best "publicity" voice.

I was on the Y of the Hollywood sign. It was the easiest to climb, and the easiest to wedge yourself in. Well, apart from the three Os, but they're almost too easy.

"Ricky! It's me, Cris."

"Oh! Hey, Cris. What's up?"

"Darling, I heard about Ben. Are you going to be okay?" he babbled, worry coloring his tone.

"I'll be fine," I said, smiling a little. Cris was my manager. He was totally adorable, and was the absolute best. He was gay, of course. Ben was the most jealous guy I'd ever known, and I knew he would've flipped out if I didn't get either a gay man or a straight woman. That's right. He ...

Why could u just look for a real guy actor? Damn you're making things comolicated😂
Reminds me of CJ7 lol. So random, but the leading little boy in that film was not actually a boy, but a girl
SomeWeirdAsianGirl SomeWeirdAsianGirl Aug 19, 2016
In this book I read it said that it's easier to have sex on a hard bed XD
jleevahn jleevahn Dec 03, 2016
The picture on the cover does not make sense wit this statement tho
JHO2003315 JHO2003315 Sep 06, 2016
Me: *appears in the book*
                              *stands beside Erica*
                              DAMN DAT ASS BOI
Girl, ur mascara is waaaaaaay to expensive to waste on him!! In fact he should have ruined ur lipstick! ...well one thing is for sure tho, Ben is a bitch.