It's Been So Long Darlin' (Yandere!Levi X Eren)

It's Been So Long Darlin' (Yandere!Levi X Eren)

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Leviistheone By Leviistheone Updated Feb 18, 2016

Hello and welcome to read my yandere story,
"Its been so long darlin'".

Eren and Levi meeted in School, 1th grade, but haven't been even talking in years now.
They are 20 yo now.
Levi have been stalked Eren a while, because he wants to be connected again. He have crush to Eren. No, its love.
One day Levi got plan, he's gonna kidnap Eren, he doesn't want to be alone anymore.

And he would never gonna be alone anymore... He's keeping Eren forever.

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Ciestial Ciestial Apr 16
I think I need a translator with the "crapped him chim," and the "licked him neck" parts...
Welcome_Mat Welcome_Mat Apr 12
The story is good.....but the grammar needs abit more practice! Good job though!
I don't remember anyone from 1st. I just remember the teacher was a bïtch, so much so that my mom took me out of that school within a month
Welcome_Mat Welcome_Mat Apr 12
Don't use him when you are talking about what a boy has, instead use 'His'. 
                              So it would be 
                              His eyes was more beautiful than Sasha's
I loved it! Do another one. People keep saying "her, it's either you did it on purpose or you did it by accident.
I read this while my phone was at 69%
                              He gonna get some DICK *dab*