The Age Gap Between Us ( Teen Romance )

The Age Gap Between Us ( Teen Romance )

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"You're just a seventeen year old hormonal girl. You don't know what you want."

"So, what? You're saying that because I'm seventeen and you're 28 that I must be delusional? Because we both know I'm not." 

Usually, falling in love with an adult when you're underage is enough of a problem. So having that adult be your doctor makes it even harder for Lila to try and be normal. And for once in her life have a crush on a guy her age. It doesn't help that there just might be someone just as head over heels for her as she is for her doctor.

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_Valiantsims _Valiantsims Nov 20, 2016
She better no moan because I'm going to be so embrassed and I'm not even her. 😂
_Valiantsims _Valiantsims Nov 20, 2016
Everyone's like MARKK TUAN!! I'm sitting here no MARK SOLAN 😂😂❤️
doritodolans doritodolans 6 days ago
I don't listen to kpop so I'll just imagine him as someone else
larkezia larkezia Sep 06, 2016
That's the one thing young adults say to make themselves feel older when there're talking to teenagers 4 some reason
larkezia larkezia Sep 06, 2016
Well at the rate ur going I think they would be the same age
icyheart57 icyheart57 Nov 21, 2016
Pretty much my whole squad are ARMYS and then there is one of my friends and me going like ...