The Mafia Boss-everlark

The Mafia Boss-everlark

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This is the new version of the Mafia boss hope you like it❤

/ /She was too pure so innocent,she was the epitome of an Angel. While he was the son of the devil, the heartless and malicious Mafia Boss but also a well known Successful Business tycoon in the eye of the media\ \

.↪Enjoy reading!!↪.

snowprincess76 snowprincess76 Dec 11, 2016
Plz, plzzz, plzzzzzz update ❕❔ this story is so good I absolutely love it so far 💖💖😍😍😍
- - Jun 04, 2016
I'm gonna re-read the whole thing's that good!👏👏💖💖
telishia1992 telishia1992 Dec 10, 2016
woooo hooooo !Thank you Now I have something to look forward to. 👍👍👍👍👍
kmaynard62213 kmaynard62213 Oct 15, 2016
Can't wait!!! This has been one of my favorite stories on Wattpad!!!
AdaraC00 AdaraC00 Dec 10, 2016
Wow this chapter was so cool, I don't know what to say. I love it ❤ You are amazing. Can't wait until next update!!!
fanfic_lover081 fanfic_lover081 Dec 05, 2016
When it gonna be up because it's like just turned December and I have literally been looking at my calendar and counting down the days😂😂😂