【 insomnia 】destiel

【 insomnia 】destiel

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"no great story was ever written asleep" 

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cutesuki2 cutesuki2 Sep 29, 2017
My sis has a rule I can't talk 2 her until shes in pajama pants or sweat pants
cutesuki2 cutesuki2 Sep 29, 2017
K Ima sound like a geek but I think about the last time I played d&d and replay all the events that happened (btw I don't have insomnia but just sometimes can't sleep)
Sans5111 Sans5111 Aug 22, 2017
I'm never tired but always sleepy. Does that makes sense? At all?
dude this used to happen with my girlfriend and i before we were dating for like five months. I even told her i was straight during that time. we were both v v confused lol
Practically you just can t sleep which causes you to think about a lot of random stuff which makes it even harder to sleep and the cycle repeats