True Sidekick - *Sequel to Hero by Day

True Sidekick - *Sequel to Hero by Day

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Your Average Nerd By YourAverageNerd_ Updated Jun 21, 2016

Aden Dashner is thinking that he just might have superpowers. After an accident a week ago, he now seems to be stronger than he was before - like, superhuman strong. 

	Aden's long-time bully, Dylan Danvers, was also in the same accident, and he seemed to get off clean with no powers, until a mysterious new super villain shows up in DC with fire at his fingertips and sticky fingers.

	And after finding out that Oliver Storm himself is DC's own savior in spandex, White Lightning, and that he wants Aden to be his sidekick, Aden didn't think his life could get any weirder.

	Not to mention that Oliver is dealing with his own problems. His best friend/super conspiracy theorist, Ian Thompson is getting suspicious of Oliver. Could he know his secret identity? On top of that, his girlfriend, Elise Howerton, has just seemed to figure out said secret identity. 

	And the infamous villain, Andromeda, has finally seemed to have disappeared from Oliver's life. Well, that is until she decides to get close to one of Oliver's friends. What could this notorious villain want with Mary Thompson?

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toothlesstardis toothlesstardis Sep 21, 2017
Is it just me or is the guy on the cover Jack or Finn from YouTube???
tothetuneofYMCA tothetuneofYMCA Aug 07, 2017
I like how she's beaten both Oliver and Ian in arm wrestling
noobdog684 noobdog684 Jan 18
I got this i got this that this is it white lightning that knows about this
SPID3YP00L SPID3YP00L Jul 12, 2017
I actually feel bad 😔 but it's sort of his doing for the way he would say that he was gonna use Olly's identity against him
sunnyHey sunnyHey Nov 25, 2017
Well...... Two of your best friends are kind of supers..... And one of them is White Lightning..... So....
Natasha0006 Natasha0006 Dec 02, 2016
Tsk. Tsk. It seems that a civilian knows about MASKED... and here you guys think that no one knows about them...