Doubt (Josh Dun Fanfic)

Doubt (Josh Dun Fanfic)

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poorsadsoul By nevermind86 Completed

"Josh eat something."


"Please? For me?"

"No, I'm already ugly enough."
"Says who?"

"Everyone. Except for Tyler..."

"Well I don't think your ugly I think your beautiful ..."


Josh Dun gets judged about his eating habits and his appearance. He starts going into depression and develops an eating disorder which causes him to starve himself.  He doubts anyone will be able to fix him. Not even Tyler, his only friend. But one day this girl comes into his life. Will she be able to fix Josh or will he remain a broken boy?

-Triggered warnings-

TrashyyJoshler TrashyyJoshler Jul 08, 2016
I would have turned around and said "stop talking about yourself bitcch"
oddbooknerd oddbooknerd Jul 18, 2016
You're welcome dude. But I should thank you for writing a decent story.
Heythereitsgabby Heythereitsgabby Dec 13, 2016
i'm sorry it's called eating, not performing. i would've shoved my fist down her throat in defense for josh. shìt she think she is?
TylerFellThrough TylerFellThrough Oct 16, 2016
Motha fucka, gurl you best be talkin but someone else because Imma *continues to use the language of sailors*
Music_Girly Music_Girly Aug 30, 2016
Do I need to go over their and punch that ho??? Nobody messes with Josh... Or Tyler but this is about Jishwa