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Think You Can Beat Me?

Think You Can Beat Me?

18.1K Reads 320 Votes 16 Part Story
#livingthesoccerlife By XPandaMCA Updated Mar 03, 2017

Her first touch was magical. She slipped, but then quickly got back up and rolls the ball in between the defender's legs. She then rolls the ball across her with the sole of her left foot and catches it with her right outside foot just in time for the defender to trip over. After that, she chips the ball over the defender charging towards her. Fakes left, goes right, and bends a perfect ball to the right corner of the goal. 
  What the hell?
  Looks can fool you. 
  What normal people would think is a normal teenage girl, Tobin Heath wasn't. She has a burden to carry, and it restricts her from what she loves. Until one day, she accidentally revealed part of her who she had hidden. All hell breaks loose. 

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