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Host Club and the Masquerade Prince | OHSHC Yaoi Fanfiction

Host Club and the Masquerade Prince | OHSHC Yaoi Fanfiction

31.7K Reads 1.1K Votes 22 Part Story
Papers on the Edge By Megane_to_Papers Updated Jan 02

Alexander Naito, the only son of the Alexander family, took care of his family's business since his childhood. Although busy, his Otaku friends managed to divide his time. Seeing that it was time for him to be free from the chains that keeps him from enjoying life, his friends enrolled him to a famous school only for rich people without his permission and then dragged him to Japan for him to attend to his studies.
  Having no choice but to go along to his friend's wishes, will he able to seek for the happiness they are praying for him? Or will he be chained by the curse of his guilt forever?
  |THIS STORY IS TAGGED 'YAOI' BECAUSE OF IT'S HOMOROMANTIC AND HOMOEROTIC THEMES ABOUT MEN. THOSE WHO ARE HOMOPHOBIC ARE ADVISED NOT TO READ THE STORY. But to those who are interested can take a peek. Just remember that I already had written a warning and don't want to point it out again.|
  |I'll just remind you that I follow the manga more than the Anime. I hope you don't mind...|

1_STATIC_1 1_STATIC_1 Feb 16, 2016
I like the fact it's a male oc because most  of the fandoms fanfictions are girl OC's :(
Ball_of_Awesome Ball_of_Awesome Jun 09, 2016
Yay I love cookies especially gaara uhh I mean chocolate chip cookies 😅
ElinaViolets ElinaViolets Jul 27, 2016
Ow ow I'll bring chocolatechips
                              As my sacrifice to the darkside :3
UntamedKarma UntamedKarma Jul 08, 2016
I brought cake *smiles*
                              Aika(oc): *roles eyes*
                              Oh don't be jealous, you have yuri With Etsuko(oc)
                              Aika: *blushes* uhhh
Mirandalove52603 Mirandalove52603 May 11, 2016
Aw thank you my friend, OH MY GOD DID YOU SAY COOKIES BÎTCH MOVE OUT THE WAY!!!! (Pushes author-san to the ground while runing dramaticaly to the cookies with tears is my eyes
PumpkinMama PumpkinMama Sep 28, 2016
Welcome to the dark side?? Well since here and queer i would like the walls repainted some glitter maybe a rainbow