Mystery Admirer { Phan x Kik }

Mystery Admirer { Phan x Kik }

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Alex By acidiclester Completed

Okay, so this entire book may either make sense, or none at all.
Okay cool.

Slight summary of what this will be base on so that you get the idea on what is happening:
Dan is a collage student, and spends most of his time on the internet. Through this he found a friend, who is also a YouTuber. Dan thinks of him as his "YouTube senpai" and looks up to Phil a lot. Phil got him into making videos on the internet and he spends his collage gap you now watching and making videos.

Everything is fine, until an unknown person starts to text him. Dan finds it as harmless banter, until the texter starts to send him pictures of him. Where he had been either the previous day or that day, out in town, or in some public place. 
Dan is taken aback by this, and starts to feel watched, and creeped out. 
He feels like telling Phil this, since they are pretty much good friends.
When he finds out who his Mystery Admirer is,
He is shocked.

* * *

~Completed on 23/3/16~

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mostlyme- mostlyme- Dec 21, 2016
Lol me like I'd be so confused if someone randomly texted me
deer-to-me deer-to-me Nov 03, 2016
Help I have been sucked into the Phandom there is no escape there goes my remaining shreds of social life