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Clove Raine By doodles14 Updated Feb 15, 2017

Percy Jackson fanfiction.

Heroes. That's what we are. Not freaks. Not mutants, not just experiments. We are more than what they called us. We can save the city. Save the world.

Now I only ask one thing from you:

Are you with us?

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I JUST WROTE THAT QUOTE DOWN SORRY ABOUT THE CAPS lock i started writing in it then realised and are too lazy to change it
nataliegrantapollo nataliegrantapollo Jul 18, 2017
Singing Elephants Crying Red Egyptian Twinkie's in September?
MythDefender MythDefender Dec 22, 2017
project 7 nice to meet al the other projects who have wifi xD
sorrysweetie sorrysweetie Aug 07, 2017
Does it stand for
Basically suicide squad, just good people instead of the bad... That is messed up.
Mission_Earth_Member Mission_Earth_Member Jun 12, 2017
Yeah, "suddenly". YOU (this has been blocked by Wattpad) YOU ALL (this has been blocked by Wattpad) KILLED (this has been blocked by Wattpad) SALLY, THE BEST (this has been blocked by Wattpad) MOM EVER!!!!! (this has been blocked by Wattpad)