Markiplier Imagines

Markiplier Imagines

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Abi By AbiEvans Completed

Markiplier x Reader imagines and maybe one or two chapters of Septiplier just because I can't resist. 
Some fluffy ones, some funny ones. Some weird ones and some cute ones. 

Requests are open. 

Hope you enjoy it.

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My mom spent since she was 19 trying to have a son.......she has 5 daughters........I think it's impossible for my family to have a son
mmassingill mmassingill Jul 31
                              What? Don't give me that look. Everyone is naming their kid Sèan... I'm no different!
HeckYee HeckYee Dec 06
                              • Marceline/Marcy
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His name would be Xavier. I lost a friend recently with that name.
danhowlss danhowlss Feb 28, 2016
I read it like I was playing Legos on the floor. Just because my name is Ryanne (which is spelled the same) means that every time I hear some one say Ryan on mark's channel or when I read Ryan I think it's meaning me I'm like, how does markiplier know me?!
Atrastars Atrastars Jan 09
DX.    I Accidentally named him Daniel, on instinct, then......