The little sky has a big flame

The little sky has a big flame

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Tsuna got hit by the ten year bazooka, unfortunately.... A certain mechanic had previously decided to 'upgrade it'

Now Tsuna is stuck in his five year old body, however his flame is the same. Such a huge flame within a tiny body that isn't built to handle it, what will happen to our beloved sky? Will he burn? Or will he be able to handle the strain?

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khrxfan khrxfan Jul 17
Wait wait isn't the flame pink or am I just confused by all the fanfiction's I read .....🤔😅
Kaisaki_Tokura Kaisaki_Tokura Feb 13, 2016
Update please, i cannot believe what Lambo did this to Tsuna but where other guardiane
Mikoto15 Mikoto15 Feb 16, 2016
Very good story, please update it soon , if you have time!^-^ Author-sama ^-^
ju7393 ju7393 Mar 23, 2016
I feel sorry for him.  I'd run away too, and get away from all of that paper of torture.
ju7393 ju7393 Mar 23, 2016
A good thing Reborn wasn't there, or else he'd probably tell him that that isn't the way a mafia boss should act.
ju7393 ju7393 Mar 23, 2016
And that my dear Tsuna is one of the culprits that cause your torture (paperwork) well two counting Lambo.
                              And then there are the others.