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pretty boy ⚣ jjk.kth

pretty boy ⚣ jjk.kth

293K Reads 21K Votes 60 Part Story
˗ˏˋ baby™ˎˊ˗ By sourprincess Completed

a special journey between a petite junior named jeon jungkook, who likes glitter and a well-spoken senior named kim taehyung, who plays football.

☆warnings: cursing, angst, violence, dark themes, slight cross dressing, references to sexual actions

© sourprincess all rights reserved. ff.

started:: feb/12/16
ended:: july/5/16

janicecho7 janicecho7 Feb 02
Damn dis deep. But this is how i also feel about my dreams, their beautiful but the fact that its just my imagination makes me feel that its only a dream and will sadly forever be that way.
cherrybruh cherrybruh Feb 18
I fcking love this omg my mind drifted off to a magical place
Squishy__Jimin Squishy__Jimin 20 hours ago
                              I'M CRYINF
I have a friend with ADHD
                              He sucks at school, paying attention, and always screams random things, but I love him anyways :^))
babyguk babyguk Feb 11
ive reread this whole story like two or three times and it still makes me feel shook
-nobody1978 -nobody1978 Feb 06
This is legit middle school life. The fucktards just hang out by the lockers and I'm just like 'don't you have a home? Leave now I want to go to my locker'