A Recipe for Disaster

A Recipe for Disaster

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bluecrayonlady By bluecrayonlady Completed

Jade decides to bake some cookies for her boyfriend Asher to show her love for him on Valentine's Day. However, baking isn't her forte, and when he gets the cookies, not everything goes to plan.

- bluecrayonlady

Special thanks to @ZhineBright for making the cover!

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Regular_Guy Regular_Guy Feb 20, 2016
Loved the whole essence of a disaster date. It was nice and calm, nothing felt rushed as the story flowed smoothly. It seems Asher and Jade are good for each other, though from Asher's naughty thoughts, he had other plans for Valentines than being poisoned. Good story.
DannatoDestinato DannatoDestinato Feb 28, 2016
The date disaster thing is kinda funny.
                              I'm just still wondering hoe in the world one could ruin chocolate chip cookies. Burning them, yes. But the recipe is so simple...
                              Well, damn, I'm a baking snob. Poor girl.
Luthien08 Luthien08 Apr 21, 2016
Aww. That was cute and funny. I'm glad he took it in stride. :) There's a small typo in the beginning where it says, "I rather do something else" instead of "I'd".
                              The story was sweet. I hope the next time she tries something she actually does follow the recipe :D
sephy_22 sephy_22 Apr 10, 2016
Hahahahahaha, I feel kind of bad for laughing at how horrible a cook she is
the7thpage the7thpage Mar 16, 2016
Lol, is it me or is someone doubtful of Jade's culinary abilities?
http-morales http-morales Mar 04, 2016
This is really fun and hilarious! I love the whole date distaster thing and how realistic it is.