Forbidden Love

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Mongol By RevolutionaryMongol Updated 2 years ago
He was born in the dirtyest slum on earth. His parents leaving him there to try and stake out their claim. He could barely remember them, and he quickly forgot them. He stayed in the slums though. Allowing the criminals and theives to become his family and friends. His years bacame filled with run ins with the law, time in captivaty, and learning from the worst that the world had to offer. Crime, disease, and anger. This became his life. Until he met her.
This was definitely much better! I love you're descriptions and I'm really curious about this main character. I spotted a few errors, I'm no editor so there could be more
                                    bandanna * in between (two words)
                                    ghetto* neighborhood* access *
                                    I'm voting and reading on:) again, nice descriptions!
Oh man, I have totally had hangovers like this although I have refrained from actually hitting someone (so far lol) 
                                    I'm kinda confused, who are these people? Where are they? I'm going to ore and continue on:)
Aw. Please upload. I know you said you were working on chapter 3. But, I can be patient and all, but I want to read it badly! Haha, soon please. =)
argh! Love this chapter! I wish i could vote over and over again! Please keep going with this story, i love it! :))