More Than Gold [Book Two]

More Than Gold [Book Two]

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Book Two.

"Forget what you feel and remember what you deserve"

Golden and Jayceon are still together going strong years later. Although they are happy, Golden wants to take it to the next level and get married but Jayceon has other ideas. Feeling as if she's done a lot especially taking care of his child when his mother died she doesn't feel his appreciation. Tired of being put last in his life she threatens to leave. Will Golden stay or will she go?

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AwesomeNrealLIFE AwesomeNrealLIFE Oct 01, 2017
Nigga I feel trapped with all these kids and a nigga that can bounce whenever.
moajayyyy moajayyyy Nov 25, 2017
Waitttt sarahah died I was just liking her!!! She must’ve died while giving birth or something?
evilmissmilina evilmissmilina May 28, 2017
If he can't put a ring on that finger, then she need to keep it moving. Time wasted when she could be with someone that does want to commit. Girlfriends don't make decisions at hospitals, wives or mothers do. You need that marriage license, period.
Lady_Dee Lady_Dee Jun 11, 2017
I don't see what's wrong with them getting married. They playing house like they married so what's the big deal about getting married fr? Y'all been together long enough and got kids might as well tie the knot 🤷🏾‍♀️
AwesomeNrealLIFE AwesomeNrealLIFE Oct 01, 2017
She want a ring, going about it wrong though....def stop doing all that wife stuff if it stressing u out like that
Ally_Jai Ally_Jai Dec 09, 2017
So They Never Found Out If The Baby Possibly Was Trey's or Jayceon's?