More Than Gold [Book Two] •Completed•

More Than Gold [Book Two] •Completed•

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Book Two.

"Forget what you feel and remember what you deserve"

Golden and Jayceon are still together going strong years later. Although they are happy, Golden wants to take it to the next level and get married but Jayceon has other ideas. Feeling as if she's done a lot especially taking care of his child when his mother died she doesn't feel his appreciation. Tired of being put last in his life she threatens to leave. Will Golden stay or will she go?

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bhogans bhogans Dec 18, 2016
Marriage is nothing but a piece of paper bruh it defines and confirms nothing
bhogans bhogans Dec 18, 2016
What did you compromise on? Don't do something in a relationship u don't wanna do becuz of someone else's  wants
Brichanelx_ Brichanelx_ Oct 01, 2016
I hate when women try to get a title of everything little thing. Like you doing what a committed girlfriend would do, forcing a marriage ain't gonna do nothing but cause problems.
moeboo24 moeboo24 Nov 09, 2016
I will never understand this how is marriage trapping you when you doing married people stuff already smh
KalinaHerbo KalinaHerbo Nov 20, 2016
Really she not gone have sex because he didn't purpose wtf😭😭😭
TanishaClark TanishaClark Apr 05, 2016
Oh so now he wanna act like he is the one that will be trapped when she is the one that is making the sacrifices and has given him kids and is raising another woman child 😕