Little Jimin » yoonmin [novella]

Little Jimin » yoonmin [novella]

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Somebody killed little Jimin
The boy with the tune
Who sings in the daytime at noon
He was there screaming
Beating his voice in his doom
But nobody came to him soon..


based on Michael Jackson's song 'Little Susie'

All rights reserved. Copyright © 
wangzico 2016

FreeTears FreeTears Oct 11
Was soll ich tun?
                              Vor Gänsehaut sterben oder diese Story feiern? Idk.
C_kjhne C_kjhne Aug 25
I'm getting the feeling that this is going to be a creepy ass book :) I like it
WaAIT will it start mysteriously working when the murderer is found??
FreeTears FreeTears Oct 10
(Mein Englisch ist peinlich, deshalb lasse ich es mal.)
                              Du schreibst (auch hier) toll. 
                              Die Storyline haut mich zu aller erst um und ich bin begeistert von dem gesamten Konzept und Aufbau.
yamato-hoe yamato-hoe Apr 24
I literally just finished reading a ff when jimin kill himself so I'm crying again
@potato_fangirl is it a mistake reading such a depressing fic at a time like this..? Like I can already feel my throat getting ready to close up and stuff but also.. Feels