Anti SasuSaku

Anti SasuSaku

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Aesthetic Memes ✨ By I_Love_Barbecue_Pork Updated May 02, 2017

If you hate SasuSaku this is the right place for you (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ 

Warning: if you like Sakura or sasusaku, you stay far away from this book.

All credit goes to @heartofnature for the cover

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sweatytoothedman sweatytoothedman Aug 09, 2017
i dont really see sakura as a kamidere, because she would do anything for sasuke and is constantly seen doing whatever she can to get his attention (giving him gifts, doing whatever he says, etc.)
Anime_Queen45 Anime_Queen45 May 23, 2017
This isn't an Anti-SasuSaku book, this is a Sakura hating book, please stop tricking your readers -_-
xX_Fang_Xx xX_Fang_Xx Mar 20, 2017
Kamui_Gakupo-sama_2 Kamui_Gakupo-sama_2 Jul 13, 2017
But alas...they end up together and have kids...I just wanted to murder her and her kids and make him and Naruto a couple.
SupremeAlien SupremeAlien Aug 19, 2017
What has a tsundere and a kamidere have to do with it being a bad relationship?
desolatethinker desolatethinker May 01, 2017
Could you please change the tag to antisasusaku instead of just sasusaku. I was looking through for Sasusaku fanfics and was very displeased when I saw this. Please don't crosstag. I hope I wasn't being rude.