Anti SasuSaku

Anti SasuSaku

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Hide yo kids By I_Love_Barbecue_Pork Updated May 02

If you hate SasuSaku this is the right place for you (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ 

Warning: if you like Sakura or sasusaku, you stay far away from this book.

All credit goes to @heartofnature for the cover

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i dont really see sakura as a kamidere, because she would do anything for sasuke and is constantly seen doing whatever she can to get his attention (giving him gifts, doing whatever he says, etc.)
This isn't an Anti-SasuSaku book, this is a Sakura hating book, please stop tricking your readers -_-
xX_Fang_Xx xX_Fang_Xx Mar 20
But alas...they end up together and have kids...I just wanted to murder her and her kids and make him and Naruto a couple.
What has a tsundere and a kamidere have to do with it being a bad relationship?
Could you please change the tag to antisasusaku instead of just sasusaku. I was looking through for Sasusaku fanfics and was very displeased when I saw this. Please don't crosstag. I hope I wasn't being rude.