I'm Only His...(Book 1) #Wattys2016

I'm Only His...(Book 1) #Wattys2016

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I stood there wide eyed and frozen where I was being held in place. The sounds of fists connecting on skin, cracking under his bloody fists. How can he be so cruel and heartless? Why doesn't he just leave me alone?

"STOP PLEASE JUST STOP!" I heard myself scream feeling warm tears fall down my cheek. I couldn't bear it anymore.

At the sound of my scream he stopped mid air snapping his head towards my frightened one with a sadistic smirk. He did that every time someone begged.

"Sorry Princess, I don't think I heard you?" he heard me, that's how he played with people's emotions.

"Stop just let him go he didn't do anything wrong." 

He stared at me blankly then his eyes showed anger. "HE DID DO SOMETHING WRONG! HE TOUCHED YOU! NO ONE TOUCHES WHAT'S MINE!" 

I flinched from his screams, something I always did when he yelled. "I'm...we aren't." I shook my head.


I knew what he wanted me to say, I just couldn't.

He noticed that I wasn't going to say the three words he wanted to hear. Turning to face his punching bag, he lifted his arm again, hatred in his eyes.

"STOP! I-I'll say it, just please stop...he's had enough." I say defeated.

Dropping his arm he dropped him on the ground like a sack of dirt and stalked towards me as the arms that restrained me let go.

"Tell me Princess.Tell me what I want to hear." he cupped my face with his bloodied hands.

Staring into his cold-hearted eyes I let out a shaky breath "I-I'm...only...yours."

His lips curled up into a smile pulling me into his lips kissing me possessively as I shut my eyes tightly. Pulling away he goes back to his serious face "You.Are.ONLY.Mine! Remember that. You belong to me. I will kill any guy that even thinks to look, speak or touch you. Do you understand me?"

I nod my head yes glancing over at the limp body on the ground then back at him.

Stepping back he turns and kicks him on his side making him spit blood out.

"Next time YOU'RE DEAD!"

...I'm Only his...

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