History has run Amok!!

History has run Amok!!

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jason11-11 By jason11-11 Updated Feb 29, 2016

A compilation of sites, stories, and strange phenomenon found throughout the world.

These places will make you scratch your head and wonder..how were things like this possible?  How did the ancients have the technology to do to stone what we have never been able to do or replicate.  How are certain artifacts believed to belong in a certain time period and areas not from that time period...or area?  

Its this..."Strange History".  Were led to believe how certain things and places came to be...but what if it is not true?  What if academia has it completley wrong...and what if its wrong on purpose?

Thi s book will be evolving over time with additions and updates. I do not believe this will be a "finished" book. With that in mind, if you, the reader, would like to see an article on a particular historical site, time in ancient history or a mysterious phenomenon, feel free to leave comments or send me a message. I will take everything into consideration and will thouroughly research the topic.

I hope you all enjoy!

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