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Not so Different After All (KarmaxNagisa)*Demon AU*

Not so Different After All (KarmaxNagisa)*Demon AU*

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Sinata Takako By EreriForever839 Completed

Well, I'm just responding to a request from one of my amazing followers @Hino1Hyuga
Hope you like it as much as my first one!
Nagisa lives in a small apartment building with his sickly mother. Desperate for money to help cure his sick mother, he lives out on the streets, trying to find something to do for money. He didn't have any relatives left, and everyone else thought he was a monster since he accidentally killed someone when he was younger. He didn't go to jail but most of his family left in case they were convicted. So now Nagisa has nothing left to do but die himself. One day, on a cold day in the streets, he meets an elderly old man. He said to take his one possession, a knife. Thinking that this was the least he could do for someone's dying wish, he took it. Instantly when the knife touched his hand, a person with red hair came out.
The demon was here.

Sorry to clarify - you said he left home two weeks ago but hasn't eaten in a month. Prologue just a typo since its inconsistency is obvious...Sorry if I was confusing in the first post, reading on, great storyline otherwise so far...
*takes knife* Ight I'm chill with that request *starts cutting upper arm* eh doesn't hurt like the ones on meh wrist
Um, doesn't seem like the time he left home and not eating for a month make a lot of sense, really enjoying the story so far but this could use a small edit cuz it threw me off enough to make it a distraction from the good parts. No insult meant, just a suggestion from a fan.
CrazyPerson160 CrazyPerson160 Aug 28, 2016
I think he meant one small cut anywhere
                              and nagisa already thinks he's gonna die so.....
Hino1Hyuga Hino1Hyuga Feb 14, 2016
You don't know how excited I am for this. XD YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! XD
erzamidnght10 erzamidnght10 Jul 20, 2016
When i heard demon i knew it was Karma cause he is literally a demon in a human body in the anime. YAY I'm happy know that Karma finally showed up