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No more pretending, it's different now

No more pretending, it's different now

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the first name that pops up in you head? yeah, thats my name By winglessangel Updated May 04, 2011

imagine everything, every house, every town had been abandoned, all because of a parasite , a parasite that gives you immortality, beauty, strength... the price you have to pay? your humanity, the way it's paid in? blood. yes this parasite feeds of your very own blood, and uses it to gift your body, the problem here? you don't have enough blood in your body to maintain it, you need more blood. the way you get it? cannibalism. or you could say vampirusm. hi my names hope, it's 2067, welcome to the future, welcome to hell. you would have never have thought that to survive this, we ran to castles and horses, everything shut down, the only thing on your mind is your safety. welcome to the game of survival.

writexmusic writexmusic Dec 27, 2010
this is amazing. okay, i'm really enjoying this plot. its not an average story line, its really original and creative and especially well thought out and planned! kudos!
writexmusic writexmusic Dec 27, 2010
ohmylord this is soo good! its like ahhh, a bit spooky, and eeerie, i love love love. and i generally dont like these kind of future apocolypic stories, but i think i love thissss. and i hope you do well in the watty awards! im gonna keep reading!
findingyou findingyou Dec 25, 2010
I like this so much!!!please read and comment or vote on one of my stories!!!!!!!!!!!
winglessangel winglessangel Nov 14, 2010
thanks @LiaAlica
                              oh and i was servilely dyslexic as in i couldn't read, or write but well when i got badly bullied i kinda disappeared into books and work, so here i am now :)