The Wolf King

The Wolf King

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BitterSweetLov By BitterSweetLov Updated Feb 25, 2016

Read First Story, The Red Wolf, before you read this.

Katherine Black has heard her moms stories of finding her mate and helping her, all her life. 

She can't wait till she turns sixteen to find her mate or, maybe, not until later. 

Jaxon Dare is England's and the worlds most powerful Alpha. He doesn't really want a mate to make him look weak in front of his pack and kingdom. 

He thinks he can just reject her, as soon as he sees her, but it's not that easy. 

World Pack Formal. 

It's when all packs in the world go to Jaxon's kingdom, since he is the strongest in the world, to get together. 

Did I mention, all alpha kids go the the formal too?


Katherine Black


When I see Jacob, I smile. He is our neighboring pack in northern Alabama. We've been best friends since we were toddlers. 

I smooth out my dress and ignore the sweet smell of chocolate, that I guess was coming from the food table. I walk towards him and greet him with a hug. 

Then I heard the loudest growl I ever heard. 



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user58457185 user58457185 Nov 17, 2017
I was really hopping that when she said no to him kissing her she would kiss him instead 😩