Adopted By MCR

Adopted By MCR

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I sit in silence, thinking about how great life would be if I was adopted by them. The people who saved my life. I sit in my line, wishing it is me they have chosen to adopt. 

"Rain. Rain. Are you okay?" I look up to find my friend, Chloe in front of me, waving her hands in my face. I shake my head to get rid of the thoughts that are taking over my mind slowly. 
"Yeah, I'm fine. Let's just go in, yeah?" She nods, scanning my face for any sign of emotion. She soon smiles and turns on her heel, following Shan into the hall. I walk in, and see all of my teachers lined at the front. I keep my head down and walk quickly to my seat. I take off my bag, realising that it's cold in here. I look through my bangs to see that everyone had come in now and were starting to settle. 

"Okay year 10. It is the end of another term with you all. I'm afraid we will be losing several teachers this year, as well as a couple of students. I wish you all a good holiday, and that you stay safe." I tune out aft...

- - Jun 16, 2016
Hoping that I never get up for adoption of course 
                              If I did (God forbid) I would love for Sarah and Brendon to adopt me :) that would be my dream
screen_on_my_chest screen_on_my_chest Dec 29, 2016
and then I nearly screamed at about 3 AM for no reason thanks
*puts on eyeliner* *is emo* *falls apart*
                              I just got so emo I fell apart
peteslegalgaurdian peteslegalgaurdian Mar 02, 2016
19 hours and 46 minutes of harry potter and the rest of those
Wa- *puts on eyeliner* it *grabs all my merch* I *kicks the wall* want *flips the table* this *puts on another coat of eyeliner* to *makes a shrine* happen *starts crying* in *blasts the albums* real *starts praying to the emo gods* life *cries*
Urielectrix Urielectrix Feb 08
I could totally pull that off in a night I have a skill for binge watching