The Right One

The Right One

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Urban Fiction

Odell Beckham, he's the street smart nigga around town that nobody fucks with. He owns one strip club that everybody attends every weekend and wishes to open up more. Bad bitches, and groupies envy Odell just because who he is. A lot of people see Odell as an arrogant drug dealer when he's exactly that. All he wants is revenge from the biggest KingPin, Carlos in the city from killing his little sister. He knows it'll take a more than a army to take Carlos down. Will Odell get revenge and take over the city?

Meet Trinitee Allen, she's the average girl that no one paid attention to at school. They'll only call her out if they want ass or head. Trinitee is 19 as is having struggles in here life with her mother. Dealing with finding food and money she was ready to give up with her mom who was on drugs. She's the sweetest girl a person could know but won't take disrespect from anybody. She finds a easy money job to help get her life back on track. When she gets the job will her life change immediately?

Cover by: @Missmakeovermycover

xNiquax xNiquax Jul 09
Shiit I'd be throwin that ass till my back broke😂😂😂😂😵
Brace101 Brace101 Aug 01
She got a really good heart cause I'd probably call DHS 😔
MTainelli MTainelli Jan 24
I used to get 7.25 at Hardee's girl be that's a lot in my book
I hate niggas that do that dumb shït and it's ALWAYS THE BUSTED LOOKING ONES! Like you're not even cute anyway so you have NO ROOM TO TALK!!!