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maria the too basic hoe ✨ By fxckrauhl Completed

Meet Justin Drew Bieber or mainly known as Mute. He's the school's biggest loser and nerd that has very little to say. He constantly gets made fun of and pushed around by the Populars. He only seeks one thing, for people to accept him the way he is. 

Meet Ariana Grande, the most attractive popular girl in Richwell High that every guy goes after and every girl envies. Behind her spoiled rich fabulous life, there are dark sides. Her biggest competition is herself. She seeks one thing, to be happy with herself. 

Ari makes a deal with Justin, he makes sure she passes with an A, while Ari helps Justin gain the popularity he always wanted. Little did they know this small deal turns everything for the worst.

(Not your typical love story)

jdbsquirts jdbsquirts Jan 03
Aww they didn't say band nerds 😛 I would have snatched her extensions off that ponytail
moonlightmainn moonlightmainn Apr 23, 2016
you bumped into ariana which made her bump into him dumbåss. so YOU technically bumped into him.
JCherryLove JCherryLove Nov 14, 2016
This is like 5 grade shît😳 someone please tell me high school people do t behave like this
grandesbom grandesbom Aug 25, 2016
lol this reminded me of when Donald trump had a 'small' loan of a million dollars
likeoneoftheguys likeoneoftheguys May 06, 2016
My library is so loud because all the "jocks" keep hollering at girls ......
arisprism arisprism May 20, 2016
You love him? Crazy for him? Not for long baby girl 😏😏