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Zodiac Book | Bts

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Goodbye By Huyanyan Updated 6 days ago

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"하~ 둘셋, 안녕하세요! 방탄손년단입니다!"

↠Here's a BTS zodiac book ♡

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Kim_Le_Un_Bi Kim_Le_Un_Bi 7 days ago
My uncle can never like me this is weird please tell me this is your opinion
Kim_Le_Un_Bi Kim_Le_Un_Bi 7 days ago
Hope one of you guys make a good aunt more like better make a good aunt I'm born in busan my birthday is December 17 I've known Jimin since I was 4 I'm 13
Jin, honestly I feel like this is what I get in every book 😂
alyx678 alyx678 Aug 01, 2016
Warning: I'm Capricorn/Pisces and I have my life with BTS planned