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Loliet By HeichousPancakes Completed

It's seems you've stumbled into the Superwholock universe. Boy, have you got an adventure ahead of you. 
When Sam and Dean investigate disappearances and crashes of planes, they have no choice, but to take to the sky themselves. The plane they inspect takes them to England, where they meet Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, and a strange man by the name of the Doctor. Together, the five all solve a case that is stirred in London, involving each of their worst enemies: Lucifer, Moriarty, and The Master. 

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And how many times has asking the ghost to nicely stop worked?
EmGrader EmGrader 7 days ago
Okey but they wouldn't speculate thatPLANES were being TARGETED based on their plane numbers, each 25 away from the other, off of only ONE example of such a difference between TWO planes! PUH-LEASE BOI
                              Also hecky hecky padalecki and frickle frackle jensen ackles and hisa ballin' misha collins
Crimsonlvy Crimsonlvy Aug 24, 2017
sorry my precious cinnamon roll but you're probably going to
HikoHere HikoHere Dec 25, 2017
MidnightGayCoffee MidnightGayCoffee Aug 28, 2017
me on a plane. the pressure makes me sick, I get panicky in enclosed spaces or around lots of people, and there's no outdoors to hide in so if I have a panic attack, strangers get to gawk at me. 
PuellaBellator PuellaBellator Nov 27, 2017
This reminded me of some Youtube video I watched where TheOrionSound and SeaPeeKay played club penguin and one of them said "why are we inside eachother" and the other one said "it wouldn't be the first time" and I died a little even though it was a joke