Of Thorns and Teeth |   Volume 1 Of The Fall Series

Of Thorns and Teeth | Volume 1 Of The Fall Series

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In an era where the drums of war echo over the Northern plains, when the arrival of the next Copper Moon brings about whispers of a shadowy threat, Nell Yngram is only concerned with struggling to make ends meet. 

Earning a living as a Lampgirl, and having serviced the Moreighs for the last couple of years, she yet dreams of being assigned to the family's ancestral home at Ashenlight. Despite talk of dark secrets plaguing the Samarna Palace, Nell only seeks to earn a good enough sum with which to send back to her family and allow her to return to them. 

At present, however, such a wish seems impossible. 

Yet when the former Baron passes away under unforseen circumstances, and his exiled son returns with a foreign bride-to-be, it seems that things certainly are about to change...

A story about intertwining lives and internal struggles, dark magic in a rapidly-changing society, and the acceptance of Fate.

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adamowenpriestley adamowenpriestley Sep 23, 2016
Great names, it looks like you have a lot of characters to route for.
Whitewolf2901 Whitewolf2901 Jul 20, 2016
Such unique names, I love them! It looks so complicated that I already know I have to come back every once in a while to get an idea of who everyone is (excuse my poor memory :P) but I like it ;)
gvozdena gvozdena Oct 17, 2016
So many families and names ,I bet I'll be returning often to see who us who😳
SoullessDaydream SoullessDaydream Oct 04, 2016
I like that you took the time and effort to compile this list so your readers know who's who. :)
FilipeSimas FilipeSimas Sep 14, 2016
Very useful! I appreciate the effort you put into your world-building.. It certainly pays off!
DarrenDean1 DarrenDean1 Oct 06, 2016
Very cool. I think this is the first time I have ever witnessed Dramatist Personae used...and spelled correctly on Wattpad.