Our Secret Abilities

Our Secret Abilities

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you basic bitch By Dah_Cassanuva_ID Updated Nov 01, 2017

Cover made by @DJ_DigitalGlitch !!!


Hybrids in Love is Bad,
Or that's what they think.

If only they can realize...
That maybe loving a Hybrid can make Peace aswell.

We don't want them to find out though.
Us having Powers is worst than Managing an army
because you'll have to hide it from Everyone.

But how can We hide them?
How Can We do it without them being suspiscious at us?

How can We hide...
Our Secret Abilities?

  • enderbrine
  • enderlox
  • hybridsky
  • hybridsty
  • merome
  • munchinguniverse
  • setosolace
  • skybrine
  • skyender
  • skylox
CoolBlaze1 CoolBlaze1 Jul 24, 2017
Brine gtfo I cried I didn't see that when I read this part first.
CiciTheNeko CiciTheNeko Apr 21, 2017
me: *quietly sits in corner eating popcorn*
                              friend: *fangirls*
popdropcute popdropcute Jul 03, 2017
Bcc fn.92nd m n nfhddbgbfjgdrhr 99th nge😗💖💙👣💬💕👤💞💘💓👥😘😚😀😞😒😗😚😙😙😃😜😗😘😊😄😗😣😀😚😙😝😚
Mistyroseflower Mistyroseflower Sep 26, 2017
"if you never said anything<then WHY DID I HEARD SAY THREE WORDS?" WOW nice grammar
Is it just me or do I ship this now? 
                              *Jumps off a cliff* NO REGRETSSSSSSSSSssssss.....
sarasa234 sarasa234 May 01, 2017
Armor on a stachel? Is stachel a bag? I'm legit curious, don't mean any insults or anything