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A Melody You Once Sang

A Melody You Once Sang

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supremebunnylord By supremebunnylord Updated Dec 07, 2015

Izaya was forced into a mental hospital at a young age and experiences a lot of horrible things as a test subject of sorts. he meets Shizuo who is there to see his mother, Shizuo goes to see Izaya everyday until one day he just doesn't show up. Izaya grows up alone and develops many issues eventually driving himself crazy. will Shizuo be able to save him again?

awkqward-af awkqward-af May 27, 2016
Animelover267 Animelover267 Dec 20, 2016
Is this a real song?  If so, what's it called, if not then I think you're very creative.
kariared kariared Dec 02, 2016
Becauae life is so pointless and its stressful with no reward so why not die early...but of course the truth hurts so people who think that way are considered crazy
Craig-tucker- Craig-tucker- Apr 21, 2016
Ha ha okay listen honey don't ever touch this amazing child ever again :)
LukasNicomedeDavey LukasNicomedeDavey May 24, 2016
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Poor Izaya. I mean I knew he was insane ever since he smashed the girl's phone in the show but he don't deserve this. (´•ω•`)