Maybe It's Not So Hopeless After All...

Maybe It's Not So Hopeless After All...

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BlackCatsAreBae By BlackCatsAreBae Updated Aug 06, 2016

Jade Brooks, now officially a part of the Empire, is facing many challenges. 

With Luscious in jail, Jamal ruling the Empire, Cookie, Hakeem, Andre, and Anika trying to fufill a hostile takeover, and her boyfriend Mikey in the hospital, trying to still give her all and manage her career is getting hard for her. 

Especially while trying to stay faithful to Mikey with her feelings for Jamal.

What makes it worse is that Mikey is in a coma and the doctors are not sure when he will awake....

Jamal is going through some things too. 

Not just with Empire...

Let's just say, what was seen as hopeless may not be so hopeless after all.

Or is it?......

(This is book 2 of my book Hopeless Love In The Music Industry. I recommend you read the one first or you may be lost. 
This story will take place in season 2 of Empire and will follow some of story line."

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Riverbleubestie Riverbleubestie Dec 16, 2017
How could you play me u did me you did me shady tpye up brace face
HoneyLemonCake16 HoneyLemonCake16 Feb 16, 2016
She should sing I Don't Wanna Cry by Mariah Carey. It describes her pain in what she's going through in her life.
Maddie_x4 Maddie_x4 Feb 22, 2016
Great chapter. But I ain't finna lie. I started crying at the end.
AutumnLeaves777 AutumnLeaves777 Feb 17, 2016
Good chapter no lie. The end of it is what I felt the most!!!
                              Can't believe Jamal took his necklace back. Who does that?? I felt the pain....poor jade...well she has mickey!!! Uhh Mikey...